Hey! I’m Patrick, an entrepreneur,
who aims to mobilize current businesses as a force for good.

Let's develop innovative solutions combining profit and purpose to benefit society, people’s lives and the planet. Together we'll fight climate change and work towards a sustainable future in line with the UN´s 2030 Agenda.

Committed to the
Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be thought of a long term strategy document for the world, providing a blueprint, for what is required to ensure people and planet are on a sustainable and prosperous course by 2030. In order to deliver on this ambitious framework, I believe that technology offers tremendous opportunities to bridge economic and social gaps, as well as to address the climate crisis. The world will certainly be a better place if we achieve them, but it’s also predicted that at least €11 trillion of market opportunities can be unlocked each year for the businesses that contribute to them. To solve our generation’s biggest challenges, we have to rethink the way we do business entirely. It's not only the ability to maximize economic outcomes that makes a business competitive, but also the ability to optimize for social and environmental impact. However, it's often difficult to apply suitable sustainable business models and strategies in practice. The adoption of appropriate tools for product and business model innovation and corporate sustainability management can help overcome this challenge.

Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns

Let's co-create products, services and partnerships that are inspiring and foster a desirable consumer behavior change for good, at scale.

  • Discover the cutting edge of a range of powerful tools - from effective nudging techniques, to paradigm shifts in strategic design innovation, to new cross-industry collaboration projects with amazing potential
  • Influencing consumer behavior to buy less or better, eating more plants, reducing waste, participating in circular material flow, replacing material excess with experiences, supporting underprivileged populations, and more

Taking urgent action to combat climate change
and its impacts.

I support corporate innovation initiatives and entrepreneurs who are working towards the Sustainable Development Goal 13 - climate action.

  • Use digital innovation to reduce emissions to zero by 2050 and to stay below 1.5°C of global warming
  • Pricing in actual costs of CO₂-emissions creates a huge market opportunities for new sustainable business models
  • Let's design innovative sustainable products and services to reduce the environmental footprint during their whole lifecycle and compensate the residual emissions.

Together, we co-create a positive future

I help clients to reimagine how profits are made, and how relationships are created and managed. I am eager to build, enable and scale your digital abilities, culture, and talent by providing you strategic digital experience, agile delivery methods and hands-on product execution.
Product Management

As an entrepreneurial product lead I help you to figure out the right solution for your business problem. During that process we build prototypes and test them with real people quickly. So no guessing and overthinking.

  • Define the product strategy and roadmap
  • Establish & track key (sustainable) product KPIs
  • Guarantee user-centricity of (MVP) developments, its lean & agile rollout (incl. sequence of experiments for optimization)
  • Translate customer feedback into actionable roadmap items. Enable design, research and engineering to build a product users love to use
  • Onboard & coach new peers to build a high performing core product team
Venture Development
and Business Model Innovation

As a venture lead define the field of opportunity and scope of potential new sustainable (corporate) startups. Develop the marketing, pricing and operational structures needed to commercialize new products and businesses

  • Leading a high-performing, cross-functional team to develop the economic and business model for new ventures and products with a lean startup approach
  • Focus on customer centricity to quickly come up with an MVP and to build the operational structure of the ventures
  • Manage ventures from ideation & validation to incubation phase with a strong product-market-fit
  • Define key performance, measurement and reporting frameworks
Selected Clients

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